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MN Original from TPT

Ever wonder how you get mushrooms to grow out of chairs? Kate Casanova shows her process of planting mushroom spores in the Victorian chair she is reupholstering for an international show at the Katherine E Nash Gallery on the University of Minnesota campus. A graduate student at the University of Minnesota, Casanova’s work explores the notions of the beauty and discomfort that exist between humans and the rest of the natural world.

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Ferruccio Laviani's F* THE CLASSICS! Collection

P.S. Currently being in a history of furniture class, this makes me laugh my ass off. 

Kate MacDowell's porcelain sculptures are simple beautiful.

Jodi Harvey-Brown's awesome book sculptures!

Leandro Erlich's Single Cloud Collection

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Porcelain casting! Simply amazing. 

Artist: Ah Xain

 Jason Rhoades  Untitled (Chandelier)

 Jason Rhoades  Untitled (Chandelier)

Kate MccGwire Insular

50 Layers of Paper Burnt

Nava Lubelski creates these sculptures comprised with tightly rolled rejection letters, tax returns, and other various waste paper.

Motoi Yamamoto's Forests of Beyondare huge installations intricately made of salt.

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